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Let's improve
health literacy by design.



Never has the need for health literate organizations, systems and societies been so relevant.

Welcome. I'm Kristine Sørensen, the Founder of the Global Health Literacy Academy. I am empowering leaders to create health literacy by design.


Being a health literacy trailblazer you and your organization can serve with stronger human, social and economic impact to increase inclusion, empowerment and equity. 


Integrating health literacy as a mindset, capacity and practice you can make your organization and services more accessible, understandable and actionable for the people that you serve.

In an ever-changing world with high degrees of uncertainty and complexity; improving health literacy is a game-changer for sustainable development - for people, for business, for society at large.


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Health Literacy Powerhouse

Join the inspiring leadership forum for shapers of health literacy. Limited seats available for the upcoming Health Literacy Powerhouse 6-7 June 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Health Literacy Matters

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Join the Health Literacy Champions

The improvement of health literacy is a global public health concern. It may seem complex and overwhelming. I, therefore, welcome you to my community of practice called Health Literacy Champions on LinkedIn. This is an opportunity to share your passion for making a difference through health literacy with like-minded people.

A health literacy champion

is a person or an organization

that enthusiastically and relentlessly

defends and fights

for the health literacy cause

to the benefit of people and societies at large.

My name is Kristine Sørensen. I am a trusted global advisor on health literacy based in Denmark. My background is in public health and global health diplomacy.

With heart and mind, I help leaders integrating health literacy policy, strategy, and capacity to improve health and well-being of people and planet.

For more than a decade, I have strived to expand the scope and scale of health literacy as well as its community.


I work with partners in governance, academia, industry and civic society worldwide to  create health literacy by design. 

About me
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