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How can I help?

I am keen to support your health literacy journey...


I founded the Global Health Literacy Academy to create health literate societies through the development of people, professionals, organisations, systems, and communities. 

My educational background is in medicine, public health and global diplomacy. I am Honorary Professor at I-Shou University, Taiwan and associated with the Freiburg University of Education in Germany, Management Centre Innsbruck in Austria and Maastricht University, the Netherlands.

I am a trusted advisor for governments, national and international institutions, universities, healthcare providers, industry, and non-governmental organizations around the globe. 


Amongst others, my clients include the World Health Organization, McKinsey, AOK, and MSD Inc.

I am the president of the International Health Literacy Association, executive chair of Health Literacy Europe, the chair of the Danish Health Literacy Network and member of the global advisory boards of the Asian Health Literacy Association, Bridge4Health (CAN), Health Literacy for Children and Adolescence (DE) and HELICAP (DE). I am also an active member of the International Union of Health Promotion and Education as well as Rotary International.


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Kristine Sorensen on ResearchGate

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