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Driving health literacy change

Are you convinced that we can do much more to improve people-centered health and well-being?

To make a real change, we need to change our ways of facilitating health. But perhaps you find it difficult to reach out and give your support in a way that match people's knowledge and competencies?


Or perhaps you have observed barriers within your organisation or system that hinder them and you to perform at best and develop to the fullest potential?

My dream is to develop health literate societies and I am happy to share my experience on how you can become a true health literacy trailblazer that can guide and pave the way for others. 

By becoming a health literacy trailblazer you will be able to bridge the inequality gap by promoting health literacy because it is evident, measurable, feasible and for the public good.   

In my own efforts to advance health literacy I have experienced how the humanization of healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion have a strong impact when building on dignity and personalized approaches. By implementing these strategies to advance health literacy in policy, research, education and practice it is possible to transform the mindsets and the daily actions to enhance health and quality of life, for you and the people you are serving and supporting. 

Kristine Sørensen

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