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Health literacy - what you need to know

When the results of the European Health Literacy Project was launched in 2011 it was clear that there was an information gap among politicians and decision-makers at EU level about what exactly health literacy was about and why it was important.

With a group of stakeholders we therefore created an informal coalition to support each other in the work and to magnify the impact of our efforts in Brussels. Through meetings with the European Parliamentarians, staff at the European Commission, national politicians and staff from Ministries of Health, representatives from EU agencies, the WHO as well as with other public and private institutes and organizations it has been possible to influence the EU policy agenda and change the awareness concerning health literacy, especially among people involved directly in EU health matters.

While health literacy seems to have become mainstream in the talks, we still need to find our walks to ensure that health literacy is actually implemented across all EU Member States. Therefore, in our Health Literacy Coalition we have designed an infographic on how what you need to know to advocate for health literacy - among your colleagues, peers and politicians.

Let us take it to the next level! Please share it!

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