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Help me explore the disruptive power of health literacy

Have you noticed how health literacy can change behaviour and attitude?

Have you been part of organizational change related to health literacy?

Have you seen how health literacy can make a real change to people, communities, and organizations?

Then perhaps you can help me.

I am writing a book on the disruptive power of health literacy.

Although, I have collected some examples, I would like to build it on many more good practices and experiences. Hence, I would love to learn from you how you see health literacy as a disruptive factor for the improvement of health care, disease prevention and health promotion, for our work as health professionals and within our everyday lives in terms of well-being and quality of life...

I believe in knowledge sharing to improve the world around us and I trust that there is much I can learn from you and I will be really grateful for your input at this particular stage in my writing.

Please share your observations, your ideas and reflections with me on Facebook or send me an email

Kind regards


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