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National Health Literacy Action Plan for Germany under development

Health literacy is a political choice and I am encouraging governments and other relevant stakeholders across the world to develop health literacy strategies and action plans to enforce investment in this crucial action area. Following in the footsteps of mostly English speaking countries, it is therefore highly encouraging to see how European countries have started to integrate health literacy into their policy agenda and support policy initiatives.

To give you an idea of how it can be done in practice - you can have a sneak view into the engine room of the German task force. A group of highly esteemed colleagues representing a variety of stakeholders has been challenged to develop a national health literacy action plan by summer 2018.

You can read more about the progress on the newly launched website

Here you can also find much more about the evidence on health literacy in Europe from a German perspective.

If you want a short cut to the health literacy policy case, you can find it on my previous blog and you are also very much welcome to download the Health Literacy Guide for Politicians

I wish the German health literacy task force a lot of strength and success in the development process. Just do it!

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