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Health literacy leadership tribute

October is health literacy month.

For this occasion, I wanted to make a special tribute to health literacy leadership by putting health literacy champions in the spotlight who have been an inspiration during my own health literacy journey. Hence, I asked the champions for a quote that I could launch each day. They kindly responded and I thank them sincerely for their contributions. It made it possible to spread their inspirational quotes to the wider health literacy community during each day of October 2018 with the use of social media.

You can find all the quotes on my website. You can also download the full collection here!

Needless to say - 31 days were too few for all the people on my list and for people I got recommended. I have, therefore, decided to continue the initiative based on the overwhelming positive reactions I have received from around the world.

My new collection builds on an open invitation to share a quote. I invite all interested to send me a quote – a one liner – or a short sentence about health literacy to be included in the new edition with your name. As editor, I will review the contributions and confirm if it will be included in the new collection. The new larger collection will be published in 2019.

Join the initiative! Feel free to participate! It is an open invitation! Be creative!

Share the quote today by sending an email to me with your quote and name to:

I look forward to receiving your contribution!

Warm regards


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