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Molecure - the pharmacy for health

While attending the 6th Asian Health Literacy Conference in Taichung I had a mind blowing experience. I needed medicine for a cold and our host took us to the pharmacy called MOLECURE. It was like stepping into the future. Instead of a normal clinical drugstore we entered a place where the art and science of pharmacy had merged.

The interior was as in a wellness lounge, the staff was moving around, being approachable and welcoming and the atmosphere was warm and comforting. It was not like any other pharmacy, I have ever been to. Although, the drugs on the shelves looked the same, the customer experience was extraordinary due to the design of the pharmacy and its profound different approach. It was a pharmacy focusing on people in its whole existence. 

I spoke to the founder Yen Po Liu and learned that he

- is a young professional and third generation of pharmacists,

- changed the foundation of his pharmacy from illness to health,

- wants to understand and embrace customers fully to help them with their needs,

- provides cure as well as comfort,

- combines science with art to bring life and vitality to his customers.

Yes, it can be done!

It can be done!

It can be done!

I was so delighted to see  - and feel - a true people-centred, health literate organization designed and functioning for its purpose. It was a pharmacy that aimed to maintain and promote people´s health. A place which signaled transformation, strength and trust. Yen Po Liu told me that he wished to do more for society by changing the perceptions of people and by introducing them to a place that would facilitate a healthier state of mind, not only curing the body. He has truly succeeded!

I hope his vision will spread like rings in the water!

If you ever visit Taichung, Taiwan - go and make the experience yourself. It is remarkable!

Here is the address: No.236-1, Sec. 2, Huilai Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung 407, Taiwan

For more information and inspiration see these websites 

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Design lovers: Interiordesign

PS: I learned that the architect had been an exchange student in Denmark, maybe that is why I felt so much at home. It certainly had a strong Nordic touch to its ambiance.

PPS: My cold was gone in a few days, my mind was lifted and I was enthused to see how boundaries are pushed to improve health literacy.

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